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House of Cards (remix)


House of cards (remix) volume 1 number 14

you hear the studio door open and shut. then you hear me standing at the microphone searching for the harmony part I’m about to sing while the piano plays in my headphones.

what follows is a completely different mix of piano, guitar, bass, an egg shaker, vocals and a smattering of percussion (once again played on japanese fans with a pencil). just as the song finishes you hear all manner of things throw together including a recording made that day of a flock of Canadian geese flying overheard outside the studio. sheesh.

people like us have our eyes on the stars and we keep informed via T.V. Guide and we entertain in a house of cards but the trouble remains in our sleeping hearts wake up, wakeup, get out, get out of this house of cards why are we sleeping? why are we blinded, always the little guys? why do we find ourselves always compromised? wake up, wake up, get out, this is a house of cards, yeah why are we sleeping? people like us have lives made of dust and we know too little but we know too much and our puzzled lives have come all apart so we go back to bed with our sleeping hearts and we stay asleep in a house of cards

piano, drums, percussion, bass, guitar:adrian
engineer: rich denhart
assistant: dan harjung
recorded at Royal Recorders in Lake Geneva, Wis.
sometime in 1989
length: 4:09



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