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op zop too wah – adrian belew


artist: adrian belew title: op zop too wah release date: 1996 tracks: of bow and drum [4:34] word play drum beat [1:31] six string [3:31] conversation piece [1:10] all her love is mine [4:28] i remember how to forget [3:54] what do you know (part 1) [1:01] op zop too wah [3:42] a plate of words [:50] time waits [3:10] what do you know (part 2) [1:11] modern man hurricane blues [3:43] in my backyard [:56] a plate of guitar [:47] live in a tree [1:06] something to do [2:40] beautiful [2:48] high wire guitar [3:44] sky blue red bird green house [3:03] the ruin after the rain [3:52] on [4:20] reprise [:47]

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