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the FLUX volume two CD is here! I'm signing them like a madman. 50 tracks. 8 new songs not even available in the FLUX app. well, not yet. to order yours go to

in 1980 I was with the Talking Heads in Italy. we were riding on a tour bus. David Byrne had purchased an italian-to-english phrase book full of things you could learn to say in Italian. I remember one in particular. the phrase was, "I think you cut my hair too short". why on earth would anyone learn to say that phrase? yesterday I went to get a #6 buzz cut at our local hair salon. a female stylist I didn't know cut my hair with the buzzing thingy and utterly destroyed what little patch of hair I had left. like wielding a jackhammer on a watermelon, she took out a couple of chunks of me. I guess I'll be wearing a hat on this tour.

at this time next week we will know whether or not Piper won an Oscar. then it will be time to get in the van and drive all day to Virginia to start our tour of the US. it's a funny ol' life. as for me I'm already absolutely thrilled to have been part of something so special. and after all we won an Annie, the benchmark for animation. but for all the great people I met and worked with who live in the world of animation the Oscar would mean so much. I'm rooting for all of them. go little bird!!!

after much consideration, about 7 seconds-worth, I have decided to stick with what works. it has many of the attributes described by some of you; comfortable, easy to clean, and the best part is I already own 5 of these darn things. the pink suit? maybe next time 😉 and thanks for some fascinating answers!

any questions about my outfit for the tour? suggestions?

today is my self-imposed deadline for creating our setlist. which things are in, which are being "rested". we can't play it all. my approach for this tour is to continue to refine the FLUX concept for playing live. this allows us to cover more songs and musical territory than ever before. one new wrinkle I hope to incorporate is a quick solo acoustic set right in the middle of the electrified madness. songwriter time. I'm hoping it will serve as a good introduction into the material from the new FLUX CD's. speaking of which: FLUX volume two is now being pressed with volume three soon to follow!

and here's what the Annie Award looks like:

tonight I'm going to see an American Beatles tribute band: Mystery Trip, which is another of Saul Zonana's many projects. (Saul will be opening our entire Power Trio tour here in the states). they're playing in Franklin, Tn. at the Little Brick Theatre, but I think it's already Sold Out. I may not be able to contain my excitement! I might have to get up and sing a song or two!!

for the Annie Awards 2017, Best Animated Short Film: PIPER!!!!

sent the liner note data to the zappas. I think it's a good read. approved the artwork for FLUX 2. great job, mark. delicious looking. re-designing the ADRIAN BELEW POWER TRIO Trio set for 2017. including re-writing programs for the GP-10 to replace the VG-99 (tech talk). did interviews for upcoming shows near Philly and Norway. how incongruous is that? let's see... what have I overlooked. oh yeah. forgot to sleep. seriously I woke up at 3 in the morning last night worried about the show, the tour, the this, the that... I gotta lay off the Caramel Cone Haagen Dazs!

today I approved the mastering for the FLUX volume two CD, a big step forward after a lengthy delay. my aim is to offer volumes one, two, and three for sale during our upcoming tour. I have much to say about volumes two and three but I'll hold back my excitement until both are finished. but I will say the artwork is gorgeous and the CDs include new songs which are not even available yet in the FLUX app. (of course they will be eventually).

just filled in my calendar for march. yikes!

one of my favorite moments was meeting up with Mr. Sukita backstage after not seeing each other for so many years. Sukita is one of Japan's most revered fashion photographers. a legend. he did Bowie's Heroes album cover, a masterpiece. we met in 1979 in Tokyo on my first visit with David. later Sukita agreed to do my first solo record Lone Rhino. he brought me a fresh copy of the original photo from his archives which he then signed for me. we also worked together on Ryuichi Sakamoto's Left-Handed Dream record. I'm on the back cover in another of Sukita's fabulous shots. seeing him again brought back strong memories of those early 80's trips to Japan when I was considered THE hot-shot guitarist and was treated accordingly. some of the most exciting times of my life. (photos by backstage at Tokyo Dome City Hall by Scrote)

I'm back! exhausted but very happy with the monumental success of our shows. thanks to all of you who enjoyed the performances and to everyone involved in making it happen. next up: well, sleep. but then it's time for the Power Trio to rock the US and Canada!

last night with The Parrots at Abbey Road in Roponngi. I ended up singing 4 songs: If I Fell, Can't Buy Me Love, No Reply, and All My Lovin'. man, we had a ball!!!

YIKES!!! just sitting on my bed, when all of a sudden...!

this is my 18th visit to Japan. every time I'm here I have the same strong urge to stay longer. everything about it fascinates me. there's so much to experience just in Tokyo alone, such an exhilarating place to explore. this visit is the quickest yet, leaving me again wanting more. I hope to return soon. for lunch today I went to a chinese restaurant. I ordered hot and sour soup. it came in a humongous bowl as big as half a basketball. easily enough for four people. I dug in with the only utensil I had, one of those flat boat-like chinese soup spoons only to realize there was a layer of soup and vegetables on top of about 5 pounds of noodles. every time I would get a spoonful of veggies and a little broth it would be intertwined with this large inextricable ball of noodles, so that by the time the spoonful reached my face the noodles and everything with it had been dragged back down into the soup. the spoon could not cut the noodles so I couldn't get a bite! there were chopsticks on the table but; eating soup with chopsticks?! I only had a few hours. finally a young waiter came over to my table and said something. I didn't quite understand him so I asked him to repeat himself. he said, "do you fork?" I said, "yes, I fork very much".

a photo from J-Wave radio studio.

I will be live on air at J-Wave with Mike Garson at 1:00 today. (20 minutes from now) 81.3 FM

day off in Tokyo! except that I have a live radio interview to do across town somewhere. upon my return this will be my work station view for completing the writing of the Zappa liner notes which I intend to finish today. I'm also proof-checking the stunning artwork Mark Colman is doing for the FLUX volumes 2 and 3 releases. very exciting! more on that later. this evening's plan: The Parrots rocking out at Abbey Road! a splendid time is guaranteed for all!

ahem... actually the tokyo dome has a capacity of 55,000 and is NOT where CDB will be performing. right across from it is the tokyo dome city hall, capacity 3,100. that's where we'll be. sorry, my mistake.