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two more fab pictures at Bird's Basement from my pal Stan Jarin. the first is of Stan taking the picture. the second is the result, a multi-image Stan managed to produce using the panoramic setting. great stuff Stan! and a shout out to our FOH mixer Pete Camilleri who had a heart attack! the day before our last show. we're so glad to hear you're recovering Pete!

here's the video of Marc Sondheimer, producer of Pixar's short film Piper, presenting the Oscar at our show at Mill Valley. a huge surprise!! I had no idea they were going to do this. another career highlight I will never forget. thanks marc, alan, and everyone involved at Disney Pixar.

you've heard the sports expression "leaving it all out on the field"? that's what I felt like last night. we did 2 shows: one at 7:30, and another at 10:00. I was thoroughly exhausted and happily elated by the end of the night! the trio was ON FIRE! we do 2 shows again tonight and tomorrow night. sunday night we end our stay with one final show. I sure hope you make it. heck, I sure hope I make it!! thanks to my friend Stan Jarin for the clever "on the spot" photography.

check it out kids... GiZMoDroME

I am loving this "residency" thing. to wake up in the same nicely appointed clean hotel room, with no traveling necessary and the day to myself in beautiful Melbourne. nice. each afternoon I meticulously attend to my guitar with a brand new set of D'Addario NYXL strings and a careful cleaning. before locking each string in place with the Spertzle tuners I use a lead pencil on each groove in the nut to lubricate beneath the strings. it helps the tremelo work smoothly and quiets any string noises. then comes a fresh polishing with Dunlop Formula 65. then I load a new 9-volt Procell battery into the back of the guitar and begin playing. within a few minutes of playing, tuning, stretching the strings, then tuning again the guitar is ready. it stays perfectly in tune despite my "twang bar abuses". which is amazing. it's like fine-tuning a high-end sports car. that's how I see my AB Parker Fly. I always marvel at the sculpted masterpiece Ken Parker made when he created the Parker Fly. it's a privilege to play such an inspiring work of art. at 6:45 each evening I shower, put on my stage outfit with the red shoes and hat, get in the elevator, and descend 33 floors to the private dressing room entrance where my coca-cola full of ice awaits. twenty minutes later we take the stage to an anxious excited audience. Bird's Basement is a very well done upscale venue with excellent food and drinks, cool LED lighting (which means very little sweating), a great sound system and FOH mixer (thanks Pete) and an awesome staff. it's a pleasure to play here. a few minutes after the show (the performance being my favorite part of the whole day) we go out to meet the fans and sign CDs. what could be better? I'm a lucky boy.

how's this for a room with a view? even though it's "winter" here in Australia the temperature's still high 50's/60 degrees most days. this is my room's view, 33 floors up. the club Bird's Basement is very conveniently in the hotel where we're staying (Jazz Corner Hotel). a beautiful hotel and nightclub. we will be playing here 6 nights in a row starting tomorrow.

time again to play "you write the caption". I love this picture! I'll start with "just one more minute, honey".

speaking of Kentucky, on thursday the 8th I'm driving up to northern kentucky for the annual induction ceremony of the Northern Kentucky Legends Hall of Fame. it's one of the best ways for me to see a lot of friends all at once. this year there are 3 northern kentucky bands being inducted and I know everyone in those bands. some of my oldest friends will be honored. the bands are The Bad Seed, The Wanted, and The Dingos. all bands I loved as a teen. northern kentucky really was a hotbed of talent and meant so much to me growing up. I can't wait to see everyone. the next morning I will be driving home just in time to catch my flight to Australia! I'm excited!

much appreciation and thanks to Governor Bevin, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and Marty Messex.

I have been made a Kentucky Colonel! according to wikipedia: Kentucky Colonel is the highest title of honor bestowed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Commissions for Kentucky colonels are given by the governor and the secretary of state to individuals in recognition of noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding service to a community, state or the nation. The sitting governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky bestows the honor of a colonel's commission, by issuance of letters patent. let the fried chicken jokes fly, but I do consider it a serious honor to be in such great company. thanks, Guv.

I'm getting very excited about returning to Australia for my second time this year. from June 13 through 18 the Adrian Belew Power Trio will be performing at Bird's Basement in Melbourne. six nights in a row in the same venue! can you imagine how smoking hot we'll be on night six?! ouch! photo by sam marshall

the day before coming to record with stewart copeland in LA I was invited to tour "behind the scenes" at the nashville zoo. including hand-feeding the giraffe. incredible! thanks laura, joe, rick, and dr. heather! tonight I have completed all the guitars and vocals for the Gizmo record. tomorrow I fly home.

after 53 shows in places throughout the US, Canada, and Europe I finally woke up at home in my own bed! what a feeling! I made coffee and toast and sat out on my deck surrounded by our beautiful forest. then something magical happened: a pileated woodpecker landed in a tree right in front of me. (warning: nerd alert) the pileated woodpecker is one of the largest, measuring up to 19 inches long, and is very elusive and rarely seen. it's the woodpecker Woody Woodpecker was modeled after. such a good omen. I went inside, so happy to be in my "place". then I looked at my calendar. I fly to LA at 7 a.m. day after tomorrow. so much for that! but it'll be great. I will be recording 4 Gizmo tracks with stewart copeland at his studio. I'm like the elusive pileated woodpecker. now you see me, now you don't.

another FABULOUS tour! thanks to all of you who witnessed the musical magic.

ANOTHER LIFE-CHANGING MOMENT in 1989 the Mr. Music Head tour was playing at Club Soda in Montreal. David Bowie flew out to hear my trio (with Rick Fox and Mike Hodges) to see about hiring us as his band for his upcoming Sound and Vision World Tour. at this moment, just before our encore, he came on stage to say a few words about how much he loved the performance. the rest is history. 108 shows in 27 countries. tonight the Power Trio is playing at Club Soda in Montreal.

I signed this fresh white stratocaster to be displayed on the walls of the Iridium.

our three Sold Out shows in new york city at the Iridium were an absolute blast! the audiences were delirious. in attendance were two of my favorite artists Laurie Anderson on tuesday and Ian McDonald thursday night. so great to see both of them again. and every day I had lunch at my favorite NYC italian La Masseria! today we're in Albany, a surprisingly european looking city with wide avenues and massive buildings. another of my favorite artists Tony Levin will be in attendance tonight. I'm a bit exhausted but happily so and looking forward to Canada and our remaining 9 shows including my hometowns of Cincinnati and Nashville.

just a reminder, here are the upcoming shows beginning tomorrow. the band is smoking hot having just burned a path thru europe and there's no guarantee when we can return. so don't miss it!!! 05/04 Asheville, NC Isis Music Hall 05/05 Carrboro, NC Cat’s Cradle 05/06 Ardmore, PA Ardmore Music Hall 05/07 Annapolis, MD Rams Head 05/09 New York, NY Iridium 05/10 New York, NY Iridium 05/11 New York, NY Iridium 05/12 Albany, NY Swyer 05/13 Montreal, QC Le Club Soda 05/14 Quebec City, Salle Jean Paul Tardif 05/16 Toronto, ON The Mod Club 05/17 Ferndale, MI The Magic Bag 05/18 Cincinnati, OH 20th Century 05/19 Indianapolis, IN Radio Radio 05/20 Nashville, TN 12th & Porter 05/21 Atlanta, GA Terminal West