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in Budapest we played on an old riverboat with artifacts like engines and control panels in our backstage area. it actually sounded great in the boat. another excited audience and the chef made us a cake!

ok kids, it's time to play "you supply the caption".

last night after our performance in Prague we had dinner in this private room. supposedly Hitler and Goering once ate in this room. the bookcase was stuffed with books from the 30's.

who would have ever guessed after dining in some of the worlds most delicious locales such as Spain, Portugal, and Italy our favorite dinner of the tour so far could be found at the bottom of this menacing-looking ancient fortress in Bechov, Slovakia. we liked it so much we went back today for lunch! thank you Kuria Bechov for two memorable meals. speaking of which, the trio had a very memorable dinner with the lads from Gizmo in Milan and they enjoyed our show at the Blue Note very much. thanks Vittorio, Mark, and Stewart!

I'm doing double duty today here in Milan. from 10:00 to 4:00 we're shooting two videos for GIZMO and doing a proper photo shoot. from 4:30 on I'm doing tonight's POWER TRIO show at the Blue Note.

a very excited audience last night in MADRID. hoping for the same tonight in LISBON. right now I'm so jet-lagged the furniture seems too big for me.

I am leaving for Spain. here is our schedule. I'm hoping all of you will attend and even bring a friend or two. don't wait until I'm dead to see me play live!

hey Sweden, here we come! don't miss it!

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I'm driving my pink T-Bird today for the first time in 6 weeks. sure feels good! on thursday I fly in to madrid to begin the europe leg of the tour. HEY EUROPE! DON'T MISS THIS SHOW!!

well, we made it back to my backyard! I have been sleeping ever since.

our last night on this leg of the US tour is tonight at Zanzibar in Louisville, Ky. don't miss it!!!

with 4 more awesome shows left on this segment of the tour, it's glamorous laundry day.

having a hilarious drive across the beautiful land of enchantment: new mexico! for once a picture is not quiet worth a thousand words. there are no words to describe the epic surroundings, but along the way lots of funny happenstance happened. after playing six shows in a row in six different locales, we finally have a little "downtime" driving 20 hours to Kansas City. and we're happy!! 🥁🎸🍰Kansas City here we come!

two of a perfect pair of three.

this evening at the Aladdin Theater in Portland begins the second half of this first leg of stateside touring. we've had such a blast! the audiences have been so great and most of the venues have been sold out. I couldn't ask for more. I love you guys!

in the "this doesn't suck" category: gorgeous dinner in seattle on a night off!