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another FABULOUS tour! thanks to all of you who witnessed the music magic. it was a blast!

ANOTHER LIFE-CHANGING MOMENT in 1989 the Mr. Music Head tour was playing at Club Soda in Montreal. David Bowie flew out to hear my trio (with Rick Fox and Mike Hodges) to see about hiring us as his band for his upcoming Sound and Vision World Tour. at this moment, just before our encore, he came on stage to say a few words about how much he loved the performance. the rest is history. 108 shows in 27 countries. tonight the Power Trio is playing at Club Soda in Montreal.

I signed this fresh white stratocaster to be displayed on the walls of the Iridium.

our three Sold Out shows in new york city at the Iridium were an absolute blast! the audiences were delirious. in attendance were two of my favorite artists Laurie Anderson on tuesday and Ian McDonald thursday night. so great to see both of them again. and every day I had lunch at my favorite NYC italian La Masseria! today we're in Albany, a surprisingly european looking city with wide avenues and massive buildings. another of my favorite artists Tony Levin will be in attendance tonight. I'm a bit exhausted but happily so and looking forward to Canada and our remaining 9 shows including my hometowns of Cincinnati and Nashville.

just a reminder, here are the upcoming shows beginning tomorrow. the band is smoking hot having just burned a path thru europe and there's no guarantee when we can return. so don't miss it!!! 05/04 Asheville, NC Isis Music Hall 05/05 Carrboro, NC Cat’s Cradle 05/06 Ardmore, PA Ardmore Music Hall 05/07 Annapolis, MD Rams Head 05/09 New York, NY Iridium 05/10 New York, NY Iridium 05/11 New York, NY Iridium 05/12 Albany, NY Swyer 05/13 Montreal, QC Le Club Soda 05/14 Quebec City, Salle Jean Paul Tardif 05/16 Toronto, ON The Mod Club 05/17 Ferndale, MI The Magic Bag 05/18 Cincinnati, OH 20th Century 05/19 Indianapolis, IN Radio Radio 05/20 Nashville, TN 12th & Porter 05/21 Atlanta, GA Terminal West

We will be playing right outside Philly at The Ardmore Music Hall and drinking Adrian Belew brew, brewed specially by Tired Hands Brewing Company. The beer will be available at the show and at the brewery. (guess where I'll be after the show) Tickets are going fast:

🎶 "on May first, nineteen-ninety...." 27 years ago today I met the one for me!

hello? which way to nashville? actually I AM BACK! just now. and having a margarita with the reMarthable one. the tour sure was great! I only have a 3-day turnaround and then we're back on tour here in the US!

the view from our dressing room in Helsingborg Sweden, a truly beautiful city. tonight, our last show of this tour, is an indoor festival which we headline. then it's "no sleep for adrian" as I have a 5 a.m. leave to catch 3 flights home.

last night after our show in Odense Denmark we drove 2 hours to Copenhagen to stay overnight near the airport. a very interesting hotel, more like a summer camp with a big main house and little cabin-style apartments. charming and very conducive to slumber. today we flew from the Copenhagen airport to Oslo Norway for our next to last performance on this leg of our European tour.

in Budapest we played on an old riverboat with artifacts like engines and control panels in our backstage area. it actually sounded great in the boat. another excited audience and the chef made us a cake!

ok kids, it's time to play "you supply the caption".

last night after our performance in Prague we had dinner in this private room. supposedly Hitler and Goering once ate in this room. the bookcase was stuffed with books from the 30's.

who would have ever guessed after dining in some of the worlds most delicious locales such as Spain, Portugal, and Italy our favorite dinner of the tour so far could be found at the bottom of this menacing-looking ancient fortress in Bechov, Slovakia. we liked it so much we went back today for lunch! thank you Kuria Bechov for two memorable meals. speaking of which, the trio had a very memorable dinner with the lads from Gizmo in Milan and they enjoyed our show at the Blue Note very much. thanks Vittorio, Mark, and Stewart!

I'm doing double duty today here in Milan. from 10:00 to 4:00 we're shooting two videos for GIZMO and doing a proper photo shoot. from 4:30 on I'm doing tonight's POWER TRIO show at the Blue Note.

a very excited audience last night in MADRID. hoping for the same tonight in LISBON. right now I'm so jet-lagged the furniture seems too big for me.

I am leaving for Spain. here is our schedule. I'm hoping all of you will attend and even bring a friend or two. don't wait until I'm dead to see me play live!