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having a hilarious drive across the beautiful land of enchantment: new mexico! for once a picture is not quiet worth a thousand words. there are no words to describe the epic surroundings, but along the way lots of funny happenstance happened. after playing six shows in a row in six different locales, we finally have a little "downtime" driving 20 hours to Kansas City. and we're happy!! 🥁🎸🍰Kansas City here we come!

two of a perfect pair of three.

this evening at the Aladdin Theater in Portland begins the second half of this first leg of stateside touring. we've had such a blast! the audiences have been so great and most of the venues have been sold out. I couldn't ask for more. I love you guys!

in the "this doesn't suck" category: gorgeous dinner in seattle on a night off!

best dinner of the tour thus far at St. Paul Grille in Minneapolis. for me the two best rewards of touring are: playing for an excited audience and having a lovely dinner. (oh yeah, money).

more sold-out shows! perhaps our best CLEVELAND audience ever last night. I wouldn't know what our BEST EVER audience would be, there have been soooo many great ones! btw, Buffalo was awesome! I don't always post about every single show due to time restraints.

Happy Women's Day! at home I'm surrounded by females, even my dog is a girl, and I love it! I have always regarded the women in my life as my equals and then some. my wife is the most remarkable person I have ever known. my mother, a saint. so I am happy to honor women everywhere. the world would be unimaginably boring without them.

Burlington, Vermont photo by ben hallman.

another Sold-Out show in Burlington. 4 out of 5. thanks everyone. I hope by now you're also enjoying your new FLUX CDs, volumes 1 and 2. 94 tracks between the two! and leaving Burlington this morning we had an Oscar-winning breakfast at Parkway Diner. our best yet!

with Chris Franz and Tina Weymouth backstage last night. we hadn't seen each other in umpteen years. it was a beautiful moment. I was very happy to see them again!

rockin' Fairfield, Connecticut. photo by ben hallman.

three sold-out shows down and a bunch more to go. in full gear now and the audiences are great!!

our orchestrator Jake Monaco sent me this. he's still walking on air just as I am. what a wonderful feeling!

turns out to ba a faulty sprinkler system according to the fireman I spoke with. I went back to my room to bed.

this is what's happening at our hotel in Virginia at 1:00 in the morning. people have abandoned the entire hotel due to an excruciating alarm sound that wouldn't stop.

my first "Oscar moment": the trio and saul z. are ordering breakfast at the Virginian in Vienna, Virginia. as I'm finishing ordering saul says to the waitress, "you know he just won an Oscar....for real". she looks at me and I say, "well, not for acting but for music". and she says, "do you want bacon with that?"

I just put in 6 hours of Oscar-winning driving towards our first show tomorrow night.

PIPER WON AN OSCAR! I am so thrilled to have provided music for such a very special film. it has so much heart. I LOVE PIPER ❤️❤️❤️ what a way to begin a tour!

the FLUX volume two CD is here! I'm signing them like a madman. 50 tracks. 8 new songs not even available in the FLUX app. well, not yet. to order yours go to

in 1980 I was with the Talking Heads in Italy. we were riding on a tour bus. David Byrne had purchased an italian-to-english phrase book full of things you could learn to say in Italian. I remember one in particular. the phrase was, "I think you cut my hair too short". why on earth would anyone learn to say that phrase? yesterday I went to get a #6 buzz cut at our local hair salon. a female stylist I didn't know cut my hair with the buzzing thingy and utterly destroyed what little patch of hair I had left. like wielding a jackhammer on a watermelon, she took out a couple of chunks of me. I guess I'll be wearing a hat on this tour.