jerry harrison & adrian belew at the wiltern

Sep 22, 2022 | Latest News


Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern

Jerry Harrison, guitarist and keyboardist for the Talking Heads, and acclaimed guitarist Adrian Belew are uniting this fall for a special tour that will focus on the impact and influence that the New Wave band’s 1980 album, ‘Remain In Light’, had back then and still remains to have 40 years later. ‘Remain In Light’ was Talking Heads’ 4th studio album and featured popular tracks, such as ‘Once In A Lifetime’, ‘Crosseyed and Painless’ and ‘Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)’. The album peaked at #19 on the Billboard 200, yet it is the stream-of-consciousness lyrics and inspiration from African mythologies and rhythms that made the album stand out beyond sales and chart placing. The show will start with a conversation between Harrison, Belew and the actress and singer Tawny Newsome, delving into the importance of Talking Heads’ influence on music and culture and how their heyday has continued to ripple throughout the landscape of sound and society. Harrison and Belew will then treat the audience to some epic playing, with a group of musicians that includes bassist Julie Slick, percussionist Yahuba Garcia-Torres and former members from the band, Turkuaz. It is a truly special concert that is a part of a 40th anniversary tour, so guarantee you are a part of it.


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